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CRM 2011 Distribute Workflow Activity available in Codeplex

August 12, 2011

With CRM 2011 out-of-the-box workflows it is possible to perform actions on entities that have a N:1 relationship to a given entity. For example, from a workflow running on an opportunity it is possible to run a child workflow on the parent customer.

What about viceversa? Wouldn’t be nice to be able to run a workflow for each child of a parent record? For example, say that you need to run a workflow on all opportunities related to a customer when some particular customer attribute is modified. Or run a workflow on all open cases for a customer without having to select them manually. The possibilities are unlimited, but unfortunately you can’t do this out-of-the-box, so keep reading :).

Some time ago I wrote a custom workflow to do this for CRM 4.0 (CRM 4.0 Distribute Workflow Activity), which has been downloaded many times from codeplex, so I decided to publish a new version for CRM 2011.

The plugin allows to extend the behaviour for the N:1 relationship to the other two possible ones: 1:N and N:N. Once installed, it will be possible to perform an action on each opportunity given the parent customer (1:N), on each competitor given the opportunity (N:N) or on each opportunity given the competitor (other way of the same N:N).

You can find it here: CRM 2011 Distribute Workflow Activity. I’ve also updated the quick-start documentation: CRM 2011 Distribute Workflow Activity.pptx.

Alberto “Distrubed” Gemin

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