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Browse CRM data with Microsoft Pivot

December 7, 2011
Infusion CRM Pivot

Infusion CRM Pivot

Have you ever used Microsoft Pivot? Thinking of marrying its powerful visualisation capabilities to your CRM data and SharePoint images? Start here:

We built a complete solution to integrate Pivot into CRM 2011. The only thing you need to provide is the images. Pivot can be applied to any entity in CRM, be they users, opportunities, accounts, or custom entities. Scenarios include sales (visualize the performance of your sales team, analyze revenue by account, etc.), marketing (browse through your product catalogue or brochures), and any other custom scenario, especially when your solution includes integration with media libraries (such as the out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint).

The solution includes automatic batch processing for the generation of collections and DeepZoom tiles from any CRM entity (system or custom), configurable facets, visibility rules consistent with CRM’s privileges configuration, all this with a simple installation process, completely reversible and delivered as a managed CRM solution file.

Infusion CRM Pivot

Infusion CRM Pivot

Let me know if you or one of your clients is interested.

Alberto “Infusionite” Gemin

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